Okinawa OKHI 90 Electric Scooter Review, Colours, Drive Range, Images

              Okinawa OKHI 90

Okinawa OKHI 90

                    Avg. Ex-Showroom Price 

                  ₹ 1,86,006

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Okinawa OKHI 90 Avg Price:- 

Ex-Showroom Price
On-Road  Price

Okinawa OKHI 90 Key Specification:-  

Aprilia SR 160 Engine Capacity

3800 W

Aprilia SR 160 Mileage
Riding Range

160 Km/Charge

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 TransmissionTransmission


Aprilia SR 160 Fuel Tank Capacity
Battery Charging Time

5-6 Hr

Aprilia SR 160 Max Power
Battery Capacity

3.6 kWh

myModel.BikeName Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

Braking System      


Aprilia SR 160 Kerb Weight
Kerb Weight

95 Kg

myModel.BikeName Brakes, Wheels & Suspension



Okinawa OKHI 90 Introduction:- 

Jeetender Sharma & Rupali Sharma are the founders of Okinawa Autotech private Limited company. It was founded in 2015. Its headquarters are in Haryana India. The Okinawa Autotech Products are Electric Scooters. It is an Indian electric scooter manufacturing company. Okinawa Electric scooters are designed and manufactured in India. Okinawa OKHI 90 is manufactured by Okinawa Autotech. It was launched in March 2022. It assembles in Rajasthan

Okinawa OKHI 90 Variants:- 

It is available in 1 Variant;

VariantEx-Showroom Price



Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels

Okinawa OKHI 90 Mileage:- 

CarBikeInformation Experts tell that Okinawa OKHI 90 is around Eco Mode Range is 140Km/Charge and Sports Mode Mileage is 160 Km/Charge.

Okinawa OKHI 90 Colours:- 

It is available in 4 Colours;

1. Glossy Ash Grey
2. Glossy Wine Red
3. Glossy Pearl White
4. Glossy Jewellery Blue

Okinawa OKHI 90 Glossy Grey

Okinawa OKHI 90 Red

Okinawa OKHI 90 Glossy White

Okinawa OKHI 90 Blue

Okinawa OKHI 90 Engine:- 

Okinawa OKHI 90 has a 3.6 kWh Lithium-ion (Detachable Battery) Battery with a 3800 Hub Motor. It comes with Automatic Transmission Gearbox. It gets a powerful motor and battery

Okinawa OKHI 90 Engine

Okinawa OKHI 90 Headlight:- 

Okinawa OKHI 90 has stylish and uniquely designed LED headlights. The headlight looks so bright and nice. Its beam throw is amazing. Around the headlight, chrome finishing is given with both the side chrome designs which makes it more beautiful and attractive. The downside on the front panel stylishly designed LED DRLs are provided with a black border which gives an aggressive look. It has newly designed LED turn indicators in orange colour. The downside of turn indicators is chrome design is there for a better look. The headlight and turn indicators both look amazing with a chrome insert. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Headlight

Okinawa OKHI 90 Front:- 

Okinawa OKHI 90 has a stylish and beautiful design in front. It has a round shape chrome finish and premium side view mirrors. The mirrors give a nice and wider view. The headlight DRLs and Turn indicators look amazing with a chrome finish insert. In front 3D "Okinawa" logo is there it looks nice. In the middle of the turn indicators number plate holder is given. It has body colours stylish front fender. On the front fender, the "Okinawa" branding is there. The front looks amazing It is designed so beautiful 
and premium. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Front

Okinawa OKHI 90 Tyre:- 


Okinawa OKHI 90 Front Tyre size is 100/80 - R16 Tubeless Tyre with Disc brake and Front suspension is Hydraulic Telescopic Suspension. We didn't get the ABS system in it. It has a 16-inch simply designed silver colour alloy wheel. The alloy looks simple but nice. It could be more stylish and better designed. The Tyre are nice griped we get. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Front Tyre


Okinawa OKHI 90 Rear Tyre size is 120/80 - R16 Tubeless tyre with Disc brake and Rear suspension is Double shocker with Dual Tube technology suspension. In the Rear also same 16-inch Simple designed silver finish alloy wheel is given. It gets a silver finish that fully covers the moto. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Back Tyre

Okinawa OKHI 90 Side:-

Okinawa OKHI 90 has a sports and stylish design inside. Its body type is an Electric bike body type. On both sides, we get chrome finish "OKHI 90" branding. The branding looks amazing. Both the alloys look simple and nice. It has both the stand option side and the middle stand. In side body colours, the stylish panel is used with a chrome finish long designed. It has a comfortable footrest is provided. On the Rear fender, round shape side, reflectors are mounted. It is a stylish and sporty electric scooter. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Side View

Okinawa OKHI 90 Seat & Grab Handle:- 

Okinawa OKHI 90 has a single straight seat. The seat is so long and a wider seat is given. It has 
soft and comfortable seats for phillion and riders both. The seat is designed so nicely which makes 
it more comfortable. Both sides of the seat have a chrome finish designed is given. It has a body 
colour single unite grab handle with integrated Top Carrer. The Grab handle is comfortable 
for the phillion to catch. On Top career also we can keep a small language on it comfortable. The seat and 
grab handle both are amazing. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Seat

Okinawa OKHI 90 Grab Handle

Okinawa OKHI 90 Footrest:- 

Okinawa OKHI 90 has a Midd Size footrest. The footrest is comfortable for the rider to keep their leg. It has a nice grip which gives comfort for a rider on the footrest blue and Red colour design is given which looks beautiful. The front side of the footrest chrome finish insert is there it looks amazing. In front we get 2 Luggage carrier Hocks, Space and a toggle are given to control all the things. It has keyless Entry features which is the best thing about it. Around the key toggle blue light is there which makes it more beautiful. For phillion foldable footrest is provided which is nice griped we get. The footrest is comfortable for phillion and the rider both. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Footrest

Okinawa OKHI 90 Tail Lamp:- 

Okinawa OKHI 90 has a uniquely designed big-size LED tail lamp. It has new designed LED tail lamp. It has new designed LED tail lamp. In the tail lamp only LED turn indicators are integrated we get. The tail lamp looks nice. The upside of its chrome finish insert is given it looks nice. It has a simple design and a side black colour Rear fender. On it, rear reflectors and a number plate holder are given. The Rear part looks amazing. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Tail Lamp

Okinawa OKHI 90 Boot Space:- 

Okinawa OKHI 90 boot space capacity is 40 Liter. It has a big and deep boot space. In it, we can keep a lot of luggage. The boot space is designed so nicely. OKHI 90 has an LED lamp, USB charging port and Tool kit is there. The boot space is designed so nicely in it a panel is given the downside of it the battery is provided. The boot space looks amazing.

Okinawa OKHI 90 Front Storage Box

Okinawa OKHI 90 Fuel Tank:- 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Takes 1 Hour for 0-80 % charge. It gives a range of up to 160 km after one full charge. Its actual Top Speed is around 82 Kmph. We have to Remove the battery for charging which is a little disappointing thing in  OKHI 90. The battery is so big size. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Console:- 

Okinawa OKHI 90 has a fully digital display which shows information like Speedometer, 
Odometer, Tripmeter, Battery Voltage, Battery Level, Modes and other things. In tale tail, lights turn indicators light, High/Low beam. Battery check light, Parking light and Other lights. It has a stylish and sporty designed console with a chrome insert. It looks big and stylish. The console looks amazing in a blue theme. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Console

Okinawa OKHI 90 Handlebar:- 

Okinawa OKHI 90 has a stylish design body colour handlebar. It has a uniquely designed handlebar. On the handlebar many switches are there like on the Left side High/Low beam switch with an integrated passing switch, Horn, a Turn indicators switch and On the Right side, modes switch, Headlight On/Off switch, Headlight On/Off switch, and Parking switch are there. It has nice designed handlebar with a silver finish bar end. The levers are comfortable to use for the rider. All the switches and lever quality are amazing. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Handlebar

Okinawa OKHI 90 Specification:- 

Power & Performance 
  • Fuel Type:- Electric 
  • Motor Type:- BLDC Motor
  • Max Power:- 3800 W
  • Rated Power:- 2500 W
  • Max Torque:- NA
  • Drive Type:- Belt Drive
  • Range:- 160 Km/Charge
  • Top Speed:- 86 Kmph
  • Battery Charging Time:- 5-6 Hrs
  • Battery Capacity:- 3.6 kWh
  • Battery Type:- Lithium-ion
  • 0-80:- 11.3 Sec

Brake & Suspension :- 
  • Brake Type:- E-ABS
  • Front Brake Type:- Disc
  • Rear Brake Type:- Disc 
  • Front Brake Size:- 
  • Rear Brake Size:- 
  • Front Suspension:- Hydraulic Telescopic
  • Rear Suspension:- Double Shocker with Dual Tube Technology

  • Front Wheel Size:- 16-inch
  • Rear Wheel Size:- 16-inch
  • Wheel Type:- Alloy
  • Front Tyre Size:- 100/80 - 16 
  • Rear Tyre Size:- 120/80 - 16
  • Tyre Type:- Tubeless
  • Radial Tyre:- No

  • Length :- 2220 mm
  • Width :- 710 mm 
  • Height :- 1160 mm
  • Kerb Weight:- 95 Kg
  • Wheel Base:- 1520 mm
  • Ground Clearance:- 175 mm
  • Seat Height:- 803 mm
  • Chassis Type:- 
  • Boot Space:- 40L

  • Odometer:- Digital
  • Trip Meter:- Digital 
  • Speedometer:- Digital
  • Tachometer:- No
  • Reverse Mode:- No
  • Braking System:- E-ABS
  • Keyless Start:- Yes
  • GPS:- Yes
  • Central Locking System:- Yes
  • Parking Assist:- Yes
  • Start/Stop Button:- Yes
  • Low Battery Indicator:- Yes
  • Pillion Seat:- Yes
  • Start Type:- Electric Start 
  • Headlight Type:- LED 
  • Brake Light:- LED
  • Turn Light:- LED
  • Pass Light:- Yes
  • Modes:- Eco, Nutral, Sports
  • Side Stand Alert:- Yes
  • OTA Update:- Yes
  • Hybrid Mode:- No
  • Music:- No
  • Remote Boot Unlock:- No
  • Navigation:- Yes
  • Cruise Control:- No
  • Bluetooth:- Yes
  • Screen Size:- 
  • Find My Device:- Yes
  • Load Capacity:- 140Km
  • Battery Warranty:- 3 Year/ 30,000

Okinawa OKHI 90 Images:-

Okinawa OKHI 90

Okinawa OKHI 90 Indicators

Okinawa OKHI 90 Mudguard

Okinawa OKHI 90 Branding

Okinawa OKHI 90 Suspension

Okinawa OKHI 90 Grab Handle

Okinawa OKHI 90 Front Disc

Okinawa OKHI 90 Back Tyre

Okinawa OKHI 90 Hock

Okinawa OKHI 90 Storage

Okinawa OKHI 90 Charging Port and Light

Okinawa OKHI 90 Side View

Okinawa OKHI 90 Front Tyre

Okinawa OKHI 90 Console

Okinawa OKHI 90 Front

Okinawa OKHI 90 Disc Brake

Okinawa OKHI 90

Okinawa OKHI 90 Logo

Okinawa OKHI 90

Okinawa OKHI 90 Foot Rest

Okinawa OKHI 90

Okinawa OKHI 90 Tail Lamp

Okinawa OKHI 90 Q & A :-

1. What is the Price of Okinawa OKHI 90?
A. It is Price is 1,86,006.

2. What is the Ex-Showroom Price of Okinawa OKHI 90?
A. Its Ex-Showroom Price is Rs 1,86,006.

3. What is the On-Road Price is Okinawa OKHI 90?
A. Its On-Road Price is 2,02,531.

4. What is the Torque of Okinawa OKHI 90?

5. What is the kerb Weight of Okinawa OKHI 90?
A. The kerb weight is 95 kg.

6. What is the engine power is Okinawa OKHI 90?
A. The engine power of Okinawa OKHI 90 is 3800W.

7. What is the Tyre size of Okinawa OKHI 90?
A. The tyre size of Okinawa OKHI 90  is 
Front:- 100/80 - 16
Rear:- 120/80 - 16

8. What is the wheel size is Okinawa OKHI 90?
A. The Wheel Size of Okinawa OKHI 90  is 16-inch.

9. Does Okinawa OKHI 90  have ABS or Not? 
A. Yes, But Okinawa OKHI 90 has E ABS Features. 

10. What is the Top variant of Okinawa OKHI 90:- 
A . The Top variant is Standard. 

11. Does revolt RV400 have gear?
A. No, there are no gears, it is an Electric bike that's why doesn't give gears.  

12. Are Okinawa OKHI 90 Motor Chinese?
A. Yes, Okinawa OKHI 90 is a Chinese Brand. 

Okinawa OKHI 90 Price in India:-

1. Okinawa OKHI 90 on Road Price in Bangalore:- 2,05,450
2. Okinawa OKHI 90 on road price in Mumbai:- 1,96,979
3. Okinawa OKHI 90 on road price in Chennai:- 1,95,542
4. Okinawa OKHI 90 on-road price in Delhi:- 1,95,456
5. Okinawa OKHI 90 on road price in Ahmedabad:- 91,788
6. Okinawa OKHI 90 on road price in Pune:- 2,02,531
7. Okinawa OKHI 90 on-road price in Kolkata:- 1,91,729
8. Okinawa OKHI 90 on road price in Chandigarh:- 1,90,172
9. Okinawa OKHI 90 on-road price in Solapur:- 1,88,234
10. Okinawa OKHI 90 on road price in Goa:- 1,92,242