Jawa Perak (BS6) Review, Price, Mileage, Images, Colours, Specs, Features

                 Jawa Perak 

                     Avg. Ex-Showroom Price 

                    Rs:- 2.08 Lakh

Jawa Perak Key Specification:- 

Engine Capacity

334 cc


32 Kmpl


5-Speed Manual Gear Box

Fuel Tank Capacity

14 Litre

Jawa Perak Introduction:- 

Jawa Perak is manufactured by Chassis legends India. Jawa Perak was launched in November 2019

Jawa Perak Price & Variants :- 

Jawa Perak Ex-Showroom Price is 2.08 Lakh and On-Road Price is 2.48 Lakh.

It is available in 1 Variant;

1. STD:- 2.08 Lakh 

Jawa Perak Colours:- 

It is available in 1 colour;

1. Black 

Jawa Perak Engine:- 

Jawa Perak has a 334 cc 4 stroke single cylinder Liquide cooled, DOHC FI engine. Which produce a Max Power of 30.64 PS and a Max Torque of 32.74 Nm. It has only Seld Start. 

Jawa Perak Headlight:- 

Jawa Perak has circular shape chassis that look halogen headlight. He looks chassis and beautiful. We didn't get an LED headlight. It has a circular bulb indicator. The headlight and indicator look amazing. 

Jawa Perak Front:- 

Jawa Perak the front design is chassis and beautiful. The side-view mirrors are in black. The mirrors are mounted to the side of the handlebar. We didn't get a windshield because it is ana a chassis bike. It has a beautiful headlight and indicators. Between both, the suspension Buzzer is there with "Jawa" Embossing. It has a classic look body colour front fender is there. The front design is beautiful. 

Jawa Perak Tyre :- 

Front :- 

Jawa Perak Front tyre size is 100/90 R18 Tube Tyres with 280mm DIsc brake and front suspension is Telescopic Hydraulic fork suspension. It has 18 inches spoke wheels 


Jawa Perak Rear Tyres size is 140/70 R17 inch Tube Tyres with 240mm Disc brake and Rear suspension is Monoshock Absorber 7 step adjustable suspension. In the rear, we get 17 inches spoke wheels. The rear fender is longer as the chassis look is there. 

Jawa Perak GearBox:- 

Jawa Perak a has 6-SPeed Mangearbox box. The gear shifting is nice and comfortable. 

Jawa Perak Side:- 

Jawa Perak has beautiful and classic design both the side. Both the side has "Jawa" branding in golden colour with tripel strip design. It has beautiful spoke wheels. It has only a side stand we didn't a get mid stand on the Jawa Bikes. It has only a single seat which gives an amazing look for the bike. It has dual exhaust just the side which sound louder. 

Jawa Perak Tail amp:- 

Jawa Perak seat-mounted circular shape LED tail lamp looks beautiful. the  In rear also get a circular shape indicator. The tail ldesignigen is unique and beautiful. the  On rear fender rear reflector is mounted. 

Jawa Perak Fuel Tank:- 

Jawa Perak Fuel Tank capacity is 14 Liter. It Gia gives mileage of 32 Kmpl. The fuel tank design is beautiful. Both the sides of the fuel tank has "Jawa" branding with a triple strip design in golden colour. the  On fuel tank beautiful design is there with "Perak" branding. The fuel lead is in chrome finish. 

Jawa Perak Seat & Grab Handle :- 

Jawa Perak has single seat which looks beautiful. The seat medium compound seat. The seat is comfortable to ide. It is a winder and a perfect seat. We didn't pillion seat grab handle in this bike. 

Jawa Perak Conole:- 

Jawa Perak has digital wanalogueloge console. The console is circular in shape. analogue speedometer, fuel gauge and digital odometer is there. The tale tail lines are ABS lght, Nutral light, Engine check ligIndicatorator, High ow beam, Battery check lght. The console is beautiful. 

Jawa Perak Handle Bar :- 

Jawa Perak street-styled handlebar bar which-comfortable able to ride. On the handle, side mirrors are there. The handle swims are in the left side passing switch High/Low beIndicatorator, Horn and right-side-side engine kill switch h, self-start is there. All the switch quality is nice. 

Jawa Perak Specification:-

Engine & Power:-
  • Displacementment :- 334 cc
  • Emission Stanard :- BS-VI
  • Cylinder:- 1
  • Valves Cylindernder:- 4
  • Fuel type:- Petrol
  • Max Torque :- 32.74 Nm 
  • Max Power :- 30 BHP
  • Stoke:- 65 mm
  • Bore:- 81 mm
  • Mileage:- 32 Kmpl
  • Cuth:- Slipper Cluth
  • Cooling System:- Liquide Cooled 
  • Fuel tank capacity:- 14 Liters 

  • Front Brake:- Disc
  • RBrakeeake:- Disc
  • Front Brake size:- 280 mm
  • Rear Brake size:- 240 mm

  • Front Wheel Size:- 18 inch
  • Rear Wheel Size:- 17 inch
  • Tyre type:- Tubed
  • Radial tyre:- No
  • Wheel type:- Spoke

  • Front Suspension:- Telescopic Hydraulic
  • Rear Suspension:- Monoshock absorber, 7-Step Adjustable

  • Length:-  mm
  • Width:- mm
  • Height:-  mm
  • Seat Height:- 750 mm
  • Kerb Weight:- 175 Kg
  • Ground Clearance:- mm
  • Wheelbasebase:- 1485 mm
  • Front Tyre size:- 100/90 - R18
  • Rear Tyre size:- 140/70 - R17

  • Speedometer:- Analogue
  • Trip meter:- Digital 
  • Tachometereter:- No
  • Low Oil Indicator:- Yes
  • Low Fuel Indicator:- Yes 
  • Brake Light:- LED
  • Stand Alarm:- No
  • Odometer:- Digital
  • DRL:- No
  • Front storage box:- No 
  • Fuel Gauge:- Yes
  • Automatic Headlight On:- Yes
  • Low battery indicator:- Yes
  • Pass Light:- Yes  
  • Turn Signal:- Yes 
  • HeadLight Type :- Halogen 
  • Electric System:- 12 V
  • Start type:- Electric Start

Jawa Perak Images:-

Jawa Perak Q & A:- 

Q1. What is the Mileage of Jawa Perak?
A. The Mileage of Jawa Perak 30 is 35 kmpl.
Q2. What is the kerb weight of Jawa Prak?
A. The Kerb Weight of Jawa Perak is 175 kg. 

Q3. What is the Engine power of Jawa Perak    ?
A. The Jawa Perak Engine Power is 30 BHP .

Q4. What is Fuel Tank Capacity Jawa Pak?
A. The Jawa Perak Fuel Tank Capacity is 14 litres.

Q5. What is Wheel size Jawa Perak ?
A. The Jawa Perak wheel size is ;
   Front:- 18 inch
   Rear:- 17 inch

Q6. What is Tyre Size Jawa Prak?
A. The Tyre Size of  Jawa Perak is ;
   Front:- 100/90 - R18
   Rear:- 140/70 - R17 

Q7. What is the Seat Height of Jawa Prak?
A. The Sheightight of Jawa Perak is 75 mm. 

Q8. What is the Mileage of Jawa Perak in City?
A. The Jawa Perak City Mileage is 30 mph.

Q9. What is the HighWay Mileage of Jawa Perak?
A. The HighWay Mileage of Jawa Perak is 35 mph. 

Q10. What is Top Speed Jawa Perak ?
A. The Top Speed Jawa Perak is 132 kmph .

Q11. Does Jawa Perak have dual-channel ABS? 
A. Yes, Jawa Perak has dual-channel ABS features. 

Q12. How many Colors are available in Jawa Perak?
A. Jawa Perak is available colours ; 

1. Black
Q13. What is the Ex-Showroom Price of Jawa Perak?
A. The Jawa Perak Ex-Showroom Price is Rs 2.08 Lakh .   

Q14. What is On-Road Price of Jawa Perak ?
A. The Jawa Perak On-Road Price is Rs 2.48 Lakh. 
Q15. What is the Torque of Jawa Perak?
A. The Jawa Perak Torque is 32.74 Nm.

Q16. How many gears are there in Jawa Prak?
A. The Jawa Perak has a 6-speed manual transmission gears box.
Q17. What is CC of  Jawa Perak ?
A. 334 is CC of Jawa Perak .   

Q18. The Jawa Perak is Liquid Cooled Engine?
A. Yes, Jawa Perak is Liquide Cooled Engine.

Q19. Is Jawa Perak good for long drive? 
A. Yes, It Is Good for a long Drive. 

Q20. Does Jawa Perak has kick start?
A. No, doesn't have a kick start.

Q21. What is the type of engine in the Jawa Perak?
A. Jawa Perak has 334 ccs 4 strokes single cylinder Liquide cooled, DOHC FI engine. Which product Max Power of 30.64 PS and Max Torque of 32.74 Nm.

Q22. Is Jawa Perak available in the market?
A. Yes, it is available on market and its price is 2.48 Lakh.

Q23. What is the mileage of Jawa Perak?
A. 30 to 35 Kmpl is the mileage of Jawa Perak. 

Jawa Perak  Price in India :-

1. Jawa Perak on Road Price in Bangalore:- 2.56 Lakh
2. Jawa Perak on-road price in Mumbai:- 2.47 Lakh
3. Jawa Perak on-road price in Chennai:- 2.39 Lakh
4. Jawa Perak on-road price in Delhi:- 2.38 Lakh
5. Jawa Perak on road price in Kerala :- 2.61 Lkah
6. Jawa Perak on-road price in Pune:- 2.43 Lakh
7. Jawa Perak on-road price in Kolkata:- 2.42 Lakh
8. Jawa Perak on road price in Kolhapur :- 2.44 Lakh
9. Jawa Perak on road price in Solapur :- 2.42 Lakh
10. Jawa Perak on-road price in Goa:- 2.42 Lakh