Honda Goldwing On Road Price, Colours, Images, Review, Specification and Features

                         Honda Goldwing 

Honda Goldwing Introduction:-

                           Honda Goldwing is manufactured by Honda Motor co.LTD. It is assembled in Japan 
and its production from 1974. 

Honda Goldwing Price:-

                           Honda Goldwing Ex-Showroom Price is 28.27 Lakh and On Road Price is 34.50 Lakh. 

Honda Goldwing Variants:-

It is available in 2 Variants ;

1. Gold Wing 
2. Gold Wings Tour.

Honda Goldwing Colour:-

It is available in 1 Colour; 

1. Candy Ardent Red 

Honda Goldwing Engine:-

                           Honda Goldwing has an 1833 cc 6 cylinders Liquid Cooled Engine with Electronic Fuel 
injection System which Produces Max Power of 125 BHP, 5500 RPM and Max Torque is 170 Nm 4500 RPM.

Honda Goldwing Headlight:-

                          Honda Goldwing has an LED headlight that looks beautiful with a silver insert. The headlight design is so aggressive. The side indicator is LED Which are integrated into the side-view mirror which gives premium look. 

Honda Goldwing Front:-

                          Honda Goldwing has an adjustable windshield which is bigger and perfect. The windshield gives a beautiful look for a bike. Down of windshield "Honda" baching is there. It has an amazing spotty look body-coloured side. View mirror with integrated LED turn indicator. Which looks beautiful. It has a spotty and Premium LED headlight. It has a spotty body colour front fender. 

Honda Goldwing Tyre:-


                           Honda Goldwing front tyre size is 130/70 R18 tyres with Dual Hydraulic Disc with 6-piston calliper, ABS brake and front suspension is double-wishbone suspension. The front suspension upper side design is beautiful which comes in silver colour with an integrated side reflector. It has an 18-inch Alloy well in silver finish. 


                           Honda Goldwing Rear tyre size is 200/55 R16 tyre with 316mm ventilated Disc with 3-piston calliper ABS brake and Rear suspension is Pro link suspension. In Rear also get 18-inch Alloy wheels. 

Honda Goldwing Gearbox:-

                           Honda Goldwing has 7 Speed GearBox with (DCT) Hydraulic Wet Multiplate with oil pressure clutch pad we get. The Gear shifting is smooth comfortable.

Honda Goldwing Side:-

                          Honda Goldwing has a beautiful design from the side. Both the side has "Honda" logo. The bike is longer and wider. Honda Goldwing has a dual exhaust with a spotty look and chrome finish which looks beautiful. The engine is also big and beautiful with chrome plating front suspension has side reflector. It has both the stand midst and side stand. It has more large capacity which is both the side and backside. It has the perfect footrest for a pillion seater. 

Honda Goldwing Tail Lamp:-

                          Honda Goldwing has an LED taillight which looks beautiful. It has an integrated tail light and turns indicator which looks aggressive. 

Honda Goldwing Fuel Tank:- 

                         Honda Goldwing fuel tank capacity is 21 Liter. The fuel tank is beautiful. The fuel leak comes in body colour. The fuel tank is in perfect shape because of that we get a perfect grip. On the fuel tank, we get little lockable space. 

Honda Goldwing Seat & Grab Handle:-

                            Honda Goldwing has a big and longer seat. The seat is soft and comfortable. The seat design is beautiful. We get a single seat but for the pillion heightened seat, we get. The pillion seater has a backrest because of that we get comfortable for a long ride. It has a comfortable footrest in a silver finish. We can adjust the cool or heated seat. Both the side of pillion seat has integrated grab handle. 

Honda Goldwing Console:-

                          Honda Goldwing has a digital with an analogue console. The console is big and beautiful. In the analogue speedometer, the RPM meter is there. It has 3 digital display both the side one and in centre one. On the left side display shay, Fuel gauge, Tripmeter, Odometer, Average. On the right side display gear pausing, indicator tour, Temperature, Seat heating and other things. In the centre, one display shows volume, Clock, Radio, Audio source, Navigation, Phone, vehicle setting, Audio setting, Headphone set. The Center display is 7 inch we get. The tail light is ABS light, Neutral light, side stand light, Engine check light, Oil check light Azerd light. 

Honda Goldwing Handle:-

                           Honda Goldwing has a clip-on handlebar which is comfortable and beautiful. On the handlebar, many controls are there. The centre switch is home setting, Audio setting seated heat setting, Back Button, Info button, a Set button for display control and other controls. The left side handle switch is passing, Calling control. Display control, Horn, Source, Indicator Switch. The right side handle switch is made the change, Engine kills switch with self Start, Azerd button and another switch. It has an adjustable Lever with Airbag which is an amazing teacher. All the switch quality is amazing with a silver insert. 

Honda Goldwing Specification :-

Engine & Power :- 
  • Displacment :- 1833 CC
  • Emission Standard :- BS-VI
  • Cylinder :- 6
  • Valves Per Cylinder :- 4
  • Fuel Type :- Petrol 
  • Max Torque :- 170 Nm @ 4500 RPM 
  • Max Power :- 126.4 BHP @ 5500 RPM
  • Stroke :- 73 mm
  • Bore :- 72 mm
  • Mileage :- 14 kmpl
  • Cluth :- 
  • Cooling System :- Liquid Cooled 
  • Fuel tank capacity :- 21 Liter

Brake :-   
  • Front Brake :- Disc 
  • Rear Breake :- Disc 
  • Front Brake Size :- 320 mm
  • Reae Brake Size :- 316 mm

Wheel :- 
  • Front Wheel Size :- 18 inch 
  • Rear Wheel Size :- 16 inch
  • Tyre Type :- Tubeless  
  • Radial Tyre :- Yes 
  • Wheel Type :- Alloy  
Suspension :- 
  • Front Suspension :- Double Wishbone 
  • Rear Suspension :- Pro Link 

  • Length :- 2575 mm
  • Width :- 905 mm
  • Height:- 1430 mm 
  • Seat Height:-  mm 
  • Kerb Weight:- 380 kg  
  • Ground Clearance:- 131 mm
  • Wheelbase:- 1695 mm
  • Front Brake Size:- 320 mm
  • Rear Brake Size:- 316 mm
  • Front Wheel Size:- 18 inch
  • Rear Wheel Size:- 16 inch
  • Front Tyre size:- 130/70 - 18 
  • Rear Tyre Size :- 200/55 - 16

  • Speedometer:- Digital 
  • Tripemeter:- Digital 
  • Low Oil Indicator:- Yes 
  • Low Fuel Indicator:- Yes
  • Brake Light:- LED Tail Lamp  
  • Stand Alarm:- Yes
  • Odometer:- Digital  
  • DRL:- No 
  • Front Storage Box:- No 
  • Fuel Guage:- Yes 
  • Automatic Headlight On:- Yes   
  • Low battery indicator:- Yes 
  • Pass Light:- Yes 
  • Turn Signal:- Yes
  • Headlight Bulb Type:- LED  
  • Electric System :- 12V DC
  • Start Type:- Self Start  

Honda Goldwing Images:-

Honda Goldwing Q & A:-

Q1. What is the Mileage of  Honda Goldwing?
A. The Mileage of  Honda Goldwing is 12 to 14 kmpl.
Q2. What is the kerb Weight of Honda Goldwing?
A. The Kerb Weight of Honda Goldwing is 380 kg. 

Q3. What is the Engine power of Honda Goldwing?
A. The Husqvarna Svartpilen 1833 Engine Power is 126.4 PS @ 5500 RPM .

Q4. What is Fuel Tank Capacity Honda Goldwing?
A. The Honda Goldwing  Fuel Tank Capacity is 21 litre.

Q5. What is Wheel size Honda Goldwing?
A. The Honda Goldwing  wheel size is ;
   Front:- 18 inch
   Rear:- 16 inch

Q6. What is Tyre Size Honda Goldwing?
A. The Tyre Size of  Honda Goldwing   is ;
   Front :- 130/70 - 18 inch
   Rear  :- 200/55 - 16 inch 

Q7. What is the Seat Height of Honda Goldwing?
A. The Seat height of Honda Goldwing is mm. 

Q8. What is the in City Mileage of Honda Goldwing?
A. The Honda Goldwing  City Mileage is 12 kmpl.

Q9. What is the HighWay Mileage of  Honda Goldwing?
A. The HighWay Mileage of  Honda Goldwing is 12 kmpl. 

Q10. What is Top Speed  Honda Goldwing?
A. The Top Speed  Honda Goldwing is 181 kmph.

Q11. Does the  Honda Goldwing have ABS or Not?
A. Yes, Honda Goldwing has Dual-channel ABS. 

Q12. How many Colors are available in  Honda Goldwing?
A.  Honda Goldwing  is available in 1 Color;

1. Candy Ardent Red 

Q13. What is the Ex-Showroom Price of  Honda Goldwing?
A. The  Honda Goldwing  Ex-Showroom Price is Rs 28.27 Lakh.   

Q14. What is the On-Road Price of  Honda Goldwing?
A. The  Honda Goldwing  On-Road Price is Rs 34.50 Lakh. 
Q15. What is the Torque of Honda Goldwing?
A. The  Honda Goldwing  Torque is 170 Nm @ 4500 RPM.

Q16. How Many gears are available in Honda Goldwing?
A. The Honda Goldwing is available in 7 Gears.
Q17. What is the CC of Honda Goldwing?
A. 1833 is CC of Honda Goldwing.   

Q18. The Honda Goldwing is Liquid Cooled Engine?
A. Yes, Honda Goldwing is Liquid Cooled Engine.

Q19. Honda Goldwing is Good For Long Drive?

Q20. The  Honda Goldwing have a Kick start?
A. No, It have an Electric self Start it doesn't have a Kick start.

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