Toyota Innova Crysta Price , Mileage , Colour , Varients , Specification and Features

                Toyota Innova Crysta 

                       Avg. Ex-Showroom Price

                    Rs:- 16.26 Lakh 

Toyota Innova Crysta Key Specification:-

Engine Capacity

2393 cc


12.94 Kmpl


6 Speed Manual

Fuel Tank Capacity

55 Liter

Toyota Innova Crysta Introduction:-

Kiichiro Toyota is the founder of Toyota. It was founded in 1937. The Innova is a compact MPV. It is manufactured by Japanese automaker Toyota.

Toyota Innova Crysta Price:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta have an Ex-Showroom price is 16.26 to 24.34 Lakh and the On Road Price is 19.86 to 26.04 Lakh.

Toyota Innova Crysta Varient :- 

It is available in 24 Variants:-

Diesel Variants ;

1. 2.4 G 7 STR:- 16.65
2. 2.4 G 8 STR:- 16.70 Lakh
3. 2.4 G Plus 7 STR:- 17.93 Lakh
4. 2.4 G Plus 8 STR:- 17.98 Lakh
5. 2.4 GX 7 STR:- 18.08 Lakh
6. 2.4 GX 8 STR:- 18.13 Lakh
7. 2.4 GX 7 STRAT- 19.39 Lakh
8. 2.4 GX 8 STRAT:- 19.44 Lakh
9. 2.4 VX 7 STR:- 21.60 Lakh
10. 2.4 VX 8 STR:- 21.65 Lakh
11. 2.4 ZX 7 STR:- 23.14 Lakh
12. 2.4 ZX 7 STRAT- 24.34 Lakh

Petrol Variant:-

1. 2.7 GX 7 STR:- 16.27 Lakh
2. 2.7 GX 8 STR:- 16.32 Lakh
3. 2.7 GX 7 STRAT- 17.63 Lakh
4. 2.7 GX 8 STR AT- 17.68 Lakh
5. 2.7 VX 7 STR:- 19.71 Lakh
6. 2.7 ZX 7 STR AT- 22.49 Lakh 

Automatic Varients :- 

1. 2.7 GX 7 STR AT :- 17.63 Lakh
2. 2.7 GX 8 STR AT :- 17.68 Lakh
3. 2.4 GX 7 STR AT :- 19.39 Lakh
4. 2.4 GX 8 STR AT :- 19.44 Lakh
5. 2.7 ZX 7 STR AT :- 22.49 Lakh 
6. 2.4 ZX 7 STR AT :- 24.34 Lakh 

Toyota Innova Crysta Colours:- 

It is available in 7 colours ;

1. Silver 
2. Sparkling Black Crystal Shine 
3. Avant-Garde Bronze
4. White Pearl Crystal Shine
5. Super White
6. Garnet Red
7. Grey

Toyota Innova Crysta Engine:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has a 2393 2.4 Liter 4 cylinder RWD engine which Produces Max Power of 150 BHP 3400 RPM and Max Torque is 343 Nm 1400 - 2800 RPM. It Mileage is 15.1 Kmpl. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Headlight:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has an Automatic LED projector headlamp with an LED clear lens lamp and a high beam halogen headlamp. For headlight chrome finish is there around it and inside for lamp also chrome ring are the because of that it looks beautiful. It has an LED fog lamp with chrome Bazzel and an integrated bulb turn indicator. The headlight and fog lamp design is beautiful with a chrome finish. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Front:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has radial grill black and chrome finish with chrome finish big size "Toyota" logo. The lower grill is in a high gloss black finish. In the headlamp, we get a chrome insert that connects Radiator Grill. It has Arroblade wiper are there with 2 Washer. The front design is beautiful.

Toyota Innova Crysta Door:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta A Paller comes in body colour and B paller comes in black finish with chrome finish window beltline All. The door handle is also in the chrome finish request sensor button in front of both the doors we get. On the left side fuel. The side profile is beautiful. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Mirror:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has a chrome finish overview with a welcome light feature is there for overview have an integrated turn indicator. We didn't get an auto foldable overview. Mirror downside has welcome light features. The mirror looks beautiful. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Tyre:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta front tyre size is 215/55 R17 tubeless tyre with Disc brake and front suspension is double wishbone with torsion bar suspension. The Rear tyre size is 215/55 R17 tubeless tyre with leading - Trailing Drum braking system and rear suspension is 4-Link with coil spring suspension. All the tyre have silver Alloy wheel with chrome finish "Toyota" logo and tyre are of Ridge store tyre. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Roof:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has a body colour roof in its roles we didn't get we have to buy in stores. It has a short fine antenna which comes in body colour. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Tail Lamp :- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has Rear unique invented features we get for the tail lamp is in L shape Aero stabilizer fines design is there. In the tail lamp, the Aero stabilizer design is there with a rear fog lamp. The tail lamp design is beautiful. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Back:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has a small and beautiful rear reflector with a 4 Parking sensor. It has a beautiful tail lamp on the right side chrome finish engine baching with varients baching. On the left side "Innova Crysta" baching in chrome finish and in centre chrome finish "Toyota" logo. It has a rear wiper, D fogger and washer. It has a high mounted LED stop lamp and integrates rear spoiler features. The downside has an exhaust pipe on the right side and in the left side story wheel. It has an electromagnetic tail gape open with a reverse parking sensor. 


Toyota Innova Crysta Driver Side Door:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has a black finish door that looks beautiful. It has power window control with Auto up/down and Gam protection features, Electrical adjustable and retractable. Overview controls master key lock/Unlock button. It has a chrome finish inside the door handle with a high gloss black finish near it. It has both the side Twitter downside have speakers for all the door with door pack and a warning light for all the door. It has door-mounted Arm Rest in fabric finish for all the doors. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Seats:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has a black leader rate poster with adjust the able headrest and it has a white stitch. It has soft and comfortable seats with "Crysta" baching. In Toyota Innova, Crysta has 7 seater car. It has a Power-adjustable height and back we get only for the driver side. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Steering:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has a ladder rape steering wheel with Red foot ornament and thum control. In middle chrome finish "Toyota" logo. It has a multi-control steering wheel on the left side Audio control, Voice command, calling control on the right side mid control, cross controls, the silver insert is there which look beautiful. In Aprilia Storm 125 we get an adjustable steering wheel.

Toyota Innova Crysta Dashboard:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta a dashboard have Redwood ornament features with a silver insert design. On the full dashboard, a silver insert design is used. It has a capacity screen Audio system with a silver insert. The downside has mode control Attraction control, USB fast charging port and a 12V charging socket with little space is there.

Toyota Innova Crysta Entertainment:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has to display a capacity touch screen with a flack track that supports DVD, Bluetooth, USB, AUX Navigation. In it, revers Camera features and side have audio, tonne track, play, calling control, PWR button, Volume Control, Menu, home and both the side silver insert. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Wiper & Headlight Control:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has in left wiper and washer control in right side auto headlight and indicator control we get. Which are comfortable to use. The downside of its cross control is there. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Gear Box & Handbrake :- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has a 5 Speedometer Gearbox with a reverse and chrome insert is used. It has a black colour hand brake with a chrome button near its cup holder. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Arm Rest & Glow Box:-

Toyota Innova Crysta has beautiful Arm Rest in front which is big and comfortable on it white stitching is there inside of its deep storage box we get. For second-row seat have iduagel armrest. 


Toyota Innova Crysta AC Winds & Control:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta both the side have AC winds of touch screen and for passenger side another and driver side another total 4 AC winds we get in front. The second row has a rear Auto AC cooler with cool wind and for 3 rows 2 roof wind are there. It has for all the row AC winds. Toyota Innova Crysta has automatic Climate control under the touch screen with a small display for driver side another and for second and third-row another control is there. In the rear have rear auto AC cooler with winds. In between winds, its controls are there. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Console:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has left a multi-information display with blue light elimination and it has digital with an analogue console. In analogue RPM meter, speedometer. In mid which show varies information, we can control it for the steering mounted control button. It shows Eco-Indicator, Eco-wallet, Eco-Mode, Fuel Convention, Navigation, Music Display, Warning message display dual, trip meter, distance travelled, elimination control we can from nude. The setting is language units, Eco, switch, initialise the display. In pop up, display tum by tum and tum telephone is there. It also shows outside temperatures. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Interior Roof:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has a beautiful interior roof is there passenger side have a vanity mirror with a lamp and a driver-side vanity mirror with light and ticket holder. In the middle individual light is there with a sunglass holder and Bluetooth mick. I have an adjustable overview. In the second row both the side have lights of a halogen bulb with retractable grab handle and a shopping hock total of 6 grab handle are there. Toyota Innova Crysta second row AC wind and control with interactive indulge blue light is thereafter opening the door it will on automatically. In the third row, AC wind, Grab Hand and light we get. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Passenger:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta passenger side door has for the second and third rear door has a black colour door with redwood arrangement features and silver finish. It has a chrome finish inside door handle, Power window control, Unity space, door-mounted armrest with 
fabric finish, door pocket winds 1 bottle holder, warning light, Speaker and child safety lock.

For both the rear doors which looks beautiful. The sectors black leather seat upholstery features are there with indulge armrest and a one-touch crumble fold option is there to go for the third row with an adjustable headrest. It has reclined features with slide features for both seats. it has seatback table features with cup holder and Redwood finish and its capacity is 10 KG we get. In it shopping is there back side of driver and passenger seat pf seat have white stitching ISO fix features for only seconds row and both the lead middle integrated cup holder are there. For second-row USB, AUX and little space are there with Redwood or moment.

It also has a 12V assure socket for the second row. In front side has adjustable seat belts with passenger-side easy side features. The seat is beautiful and the leader is there. Third-row seats are reliant on the able seat we get. The third row both the side has utility space and fixed window. It has an adjustable headrest and 3 Point alert seat belt, for third-row passenger for the third row Grab handle, AC winds, lamp are there. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Boot Space:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta electromagnetic button to open boot space down of "Toyota" logo with the camera. The boot space capacity is 300 Liter. In boot space have luggage lamp in left on the right side have a tool kit with Lock/Unlock. We can fold the third-row seat in 50:50 seat fold and we can flip up the seat. We can fold the second-row seat also for more boot space. For the tail, the grab has to to to Grab handle to pull down and close it. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Glow Box:- 

Toyota Innova Crysta has 2 Glow box upper and lower are there. Upperside glow box has a cooling effect deep space we get. The lower glow box has lockable we get we can lock it. In the feated kit is there with deep space. 

Toyota Innova Crysta Specification:- 

  • Displacment :- 2393 cc
  • Max Torque :- 360 NM @ 1400 - 2600 rpm
  • Max Power :- 148 bhp @ 3400 rpm 
  • No of Cylinder:-
  • Valves Per Cylinder:- 4
  • Transmission Type:- Manual/Automatic
  • Gear Box:- 6 Speed
  • Drive Type:- RWD 
  • Fuel Supply System:- CRDI 

Suspension & Brake:- 
  • Front Suspension:- Double Wishbone with Torsion Bar 
  • Rear Suspension:- 4-Link with Coil Spring
  • Front Brake Type:- Disc
  • Rear Brake Type:- Drum

Fuel & Performance :-
  • Fuel Type:-  Diesel 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:- 55 litre
  • Emission Norm:-BS-VI

  • Steering Type:- Power 
  • Steering Column :- Tilt & Telescopic
  • Steering Gear Type:- Rack & Pinion 

Headlight & Tail Light:- 
  • Headlamp Type:- LED Fog 
  • Adjustable Headlight:- Yes
  • Front-Fog Light:- Yes
  • Rear-Fog Light:- Yes

Tyre & Wheel:- 
  • Tyre Type:- Tubeless, Radial
  • Tyre Size:- 205/55 R17
  • Wheel Type:- Alloy
  • Wheel Size:- R17

  • No of Airbag:- 6
  • Anti-Lock Brake System:- Yes
  • Brake Assistant:- Yes
  • Child Safety Lock:- Yes
  • Front Side Airbag:- Yes
  • Rear Side Airbag:- Yes
  • Door Ajar Warning:- Yes
  • Day-Night Rear View Mirror:- No
  • Check Engine Warning:- Yes
  • Clutch Lock:- No
  • EBD:- Yes 
  • Central Lock:- Yes
  • Power Door Lock:- Yes

  • DVD Player:- Yes
  • No Of Spekar:- 6
  • Front Speaker:- Yes
  • Rear Speaker:- Yes
  • USB:- Yes
  • Aux input:- Yes
  • WiFi:- No
  • Bluetooth:- Yes
  • Touch Screen:- Yes
  • Android Auto:- Yes

  • Length :- 4735 mm 
  • Width :- 1830 mm
  • Height:- 1795 mm 
  • Ground Clearance:- 179 mm
  • Wheel Base:- 2750 mm
  • Gross Weight:- 2490 mm
  • Seating Capacity:- 7
  • No Of Doors:- 5


  • Power Window:- Yes
  • Air Conditioner:- Yes
  • Heater:- Yes
  • Adjustable Steering:- Yes
  • Remote Fuel Lid Opener:- No
  • Remote Control Horn & Light:- Yes
  • Cup Holder Front:- Yes
  • Parking Sensor:- Rear
  • Foldable Seats:- 60:40 Split
  • Automatic Climate Control:- Yes
  • Rear View Mirror:- Electric Foldable
  • Back Monitor:- Yes 
  • Back Camera:- Yes 

Toyota Innova Crysta Images:-

Toyota Innova Crysta Q & A:- 
Q1. What is the price of the Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta price is 16.25 to 24.34 Lakh.

Q2. What is the price of the base model Toyota Innova Crysta? 
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta base model price is Rs 16.27 lakh. 

Q3. What is the price of the top model of Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The top mode of Toyota Innova Crysta is Rs 24.34 lakh. 

Q4. What is the price of the Toyota Innova Crysta diesel variant?
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta diesel variant price is 16.65 to 24.34
Q5. What is the Mileage of Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The Mileage of Toyota Innova Crysta is 10.01 - 14.12 kmpl

Q6. What is the tyre size of the Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The tyre of Toyota Innova Crysta is 205/55 R17.

Q7. What is the specification of the music system?
A. FM, Rear Speaker, Front Speakers, DV Player, Integrated 2DIN Audio, USB, AUX Input, Bluetooth, Touch Screen, Android Auto and 6 Speakers etc. 

Q8.What is the kerb weight of the Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta kerb weight is 2490 kg. 

Q9. What are the Dimensions Of Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The Dimension of Toyota Innova Crysta is:- 
Length :- 4735 mm 
Width :- 1830 mm
Height:- 1795 mm 
Ground Clearance:- 179 mm
Wheel Base:- 2750 mm
Gross Weight:- 2490 mm

Q10. What is the transmission type of Toyota Innova Crysta? 
A. The Transmission type of Toyota Innova Crysta is Manual and automatic transmissions available. 

Q11. What is the city Mileage of the Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. Toyota Innova Crysta city Mileage is 9.98 kmpl. 

Q12. What is the highway mileage of the Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta highway mileage is 14.01 kmpl.

Q13. What is the seating capacity of Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta seating capacity is 7 Seater. 

Q14. Does the Toyota Innova Crysta have automatic climate control?
A. Yes, The Toyota Innova Crysta is having automatic climate control. 

Q15. Who Is the founder of Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. "Toyota Kirloskar Motor" is the founder of Toyota Innova Crysta.

Q16. Who has invented Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. "Toyota Kirloskar Motor" has invented Toyota Innova Crysta.
Q17. What problem does Toyota Innova Crysta have?

Q18. How many colours are available in Toyota Innova Crysta? 
A. It is available in 7 colours ;

1. Silver 
2. Sparkling Black Crystal Shine 
3. Avant-Garde Bronze
4. White Pearl Crystal Shine
5. Super White
6. Garnet Red
7. Grey

Q19. What is the top speed of the Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta top speed is 181 kmpl.

Q20. How many variants are available in Toyota Innova Crysta? 
A. Their are 6 in Diesel Variant & 6 Petrol Variants available in Toyota Innova Crysta, and Automatic variants total 24 various available.

Q21. Does Toyota Innova Crysta has a sunroof?
A. No, Toyota Innova Crysta doesn't have a sunroof. 

Q22. What is the fuel type of Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta fuel type is Petrol & Diesel variant. 

Q23. What is the on-road price of the Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta on-road price is Rs 20.01 to 26.70 Lakh.

Q24. What is the price of Toyota Innova Crysta in Petrol?
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta variant Petrol Price is Rs 19.23 Lakh - 26.70 Lakh 

Q25. What is the Fuel Tank capacity of Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The fuel Tank capacity of the Toyota Innova Crysta is 55 Liter. 

Q26. What is Boot Space of Toyota Innova Crysta?
A. The Toyota Innova Crysta Boot Space is 300 Liter 

Q27. Does Toyota Innova Crysta seats are fully leathered?
A. Yes, The Toyota Innova Crysta are all leathered seats. It is available in any Varients. 

Q28. Does Maruti Baleno have Automatic Climate Control ?
A. Toyota Innova Crysta has Automatic Climate Control.