Suzuki Burgman 125 Price , Mileage , Colour , Varient Specification and Price .

                  Suzuki Burgman 125 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Introduction :-

                                    Suzuki company e was founded by "Michio Suzuki" in 1909. Suzuki headquarter is in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. It is the automotive industry. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Price:- 

Its Ex-Showroom Price is 82,597 to 90,167 and On Road Price is 91,549 to 1.02 Lakh.

Suzuki Burgman 125 Varient :- 

It is available in 2 Variants ;

1. Bluetooth
2. BS6

Suzuki Burgman 125 Colour :- 

It is available in 5 Colour ;

1. Pearl Suzuki Medium Blue 
2. Pearl Mirage White 
3. Matte Fibrin Grey 
4. Matte Bordeaux Red 
5. Matte Black

Suzuki Burgman 125 Engine :- 

                                          Suzuki Burgman 125 engine is of 124 cc 4 Stroke 1 cylinder Air cooled engine which produces Max Power of 8.5 BHP 6750 RPM and Max Torque is 10 Nm 5500 RPM and it has fuel injected system. Its battery is of maintenance-free 12V, 3AH battery. Suzuki Burgman 125 mileage is 55 kmpl and fuel tank capacity is 55 Liter. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Headlight:-

                                  Suzuki Burgman 125 have an LED headlight with DRL which look beautiful and it has a bulb indicator upside of that chrome finish "Suzuki" logo is there and on the right side "fuel injection" baching is there. It has a pin design in front. The indicator is integrated we get. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Wind Shield & Mirror:- 

                                   Suzuki Burgman 125 have a transparent windshield that is of fibre and it is harder. On windshield 4 Nut bolt are there because of that it looks beautiful and it is not integrated it is the upper side of the body. Suzuki Burgman 125 have a black colour side view mirror that gives a sporty look. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Tyre:- 

                                      Suzuki Burgman 125 front tyre size is 90/90 - 12 54J tubeless tyre with 170mm Disc brake and front suspension is Telescopic suspension. 

                                    The rear tyre size is 90/100 - 10 53J tubeless tyre with 130mm Drum brake and the rear suspension is Swing Arm suspension. Its wheel type is an Alloy wheel of 12 inches. The wheelbase is 1265 mm. On the front, the fender side reflector is there with combined brake baching. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Side:- 

                                    Suzuki Burgman 125 have Pino design in both the side with chrome finish 3D "Burgman Street" baching we get. On the side beautiful cut design, we get which look beautiful. In silver colour pillion footrest, we get it has side and mid stand both are there. 

                                    In this scooter, we get a kick start also. Its exhaust is big and beautiful in Dual-tone colour Piano and Dust black is there on exhaust cut design we get. On the right-side BS6 and SEP "Suzuki Eco Performance" baching is there. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Seat & Grab Handle:- 

                                    Suzuki Burgman 125 seat is bigger and softer with Red colour single stitch seat we get. It is comfortable for the driver and pillion seat. The grab handle is a big and beautiful grab handle which is in Pino colour finish in another scooter we didn't get this much big grab handle it is the perfect combination of seat and grab handle. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Foot Rest:- 

                                          Suzuki Burgman 125 we get 2 Glow box one has a door to close and another is open we get if we keep our mobile phone falling problem we, not issues. In between of glow box fixed integrated shopping hock is there in front and rear of footrest both side we get. In footrest is in black colour with an integrated grip design. To keep the two-place we get the downside and upper side also we get. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Tail Lamp:- 

                                   Suzuki Burgman 125 have an LED tail lamp with a bulb indicator which is the beautiful and perfect combination for the scooter. Down of that "Suzuki" baching and on rear fender rear reflector is there. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Boot Space:- 

                                     Suzuki Burgman 125 boot space capacity is 21.5 Liter. The boot space is deep and in that helmet, we can keep it easily. In boot space medical kit and tool kit both we get. The fuel lead also is under the seat only we didn't get external fuel lead. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Handle Bar:- 

                                       Suzuki Burgman 125 handle switch is in left side low beam, high beam, indicator, Horn are there and on right side engine kill switch and self start both are in only switch only. In between the handlebar Piano finish, we get with chrome finish 3D Suzuki logo. 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Console :-

                                       Suzuki Burgman 125 have a digital console that shows a speedometer, battery volt, digital clock, fuel indicator, and tail light indicator, engine check, low beam, high beam light, warning light set button and adjustable button. In console "Suzuki" baching we get.

Suzuki Burgman 125 Specification:- 

Engine & Power:- 

  • Displacment :- 124 CC
  • Emission Standard:- BS-VI
  • Cylinder:- 1
  • Valves Per Cylinder:- 2
  • Fuel Type:- Petrol 
  • Max Torque :- 10 NM @ 5500 RPM 
  • Max Power  :- 8.6 BHP @ 6750 RPM
  • Stroke:- 57.4 mm
  • Bore:- 52.5 mm
  • ABS:- 
  • Mileage:-  kmpl
  • Clutch:- Automatic 
  • Cooling System:- Air Cooled 
  • Fuel tank capacity:- 5.5 Liter


  • Front Brake:- Disc 
  • Rear Brake:- Drum 


  • Tyre Type:- Tubeless  
  • Radial Tyre:- No 
  • Wheel Type:- Alloy
  • Front Wheel Size:- 12 inch 
  • Rear Wheel Size:- 10 inch  


  • Front Suspension:- Telescopic
  • Rear Suspension:- Swing Arm

Suzuki Burgman 125 Dimension :- 

  • Length :- 1880 mm
  • Width :- 715 mm
  • Height:- 1140 mm
  • Seat Height:- 780 mm 
  • Kerb Weight:- 110 kg  
  • Ground Clearance:- 161 mm
  • Wheelbase:- 1265 mm
  • Front Brake Size:- 120 mm
  • Rear Brake Size:- 120 mm
  • Front Wheel Size:- 12 inch
  • Rear Wheel Size:- 10 inch
  • Front Tyre size:- 90/90 - 12 
  • Rear Tyre Size:- 90/100 - 10

Suzuki Burgman 125  Features :-

  • Speedometer:- Digital
  • Trip meter:- Digital
  • Low Oil Indicator:- No
  • Low Fuel Indicator:- Yes
  • Brake Light:- LED   
  • Stand Alarm:- No
  • Odometer:- Digital 
  • DRL:- Yes
  • Front Storage Box:- Yes 
  • Fuel Guage:- Yes 
  • Automatic Headlight On:- Yes   
  • Low battery indicator:- No
  • Pass Light:- Yes
  • Turn Signal:- Yes
  • Headlight Bulb Type:-
  • Headlight Type:- LED   
  • Electric System :- 12V DC
  • Start Type:- Electric Start & Kick Start 

Suzuki Burgman 125 Images :-

 Suzuki Burgman 125 Q & A:-

Q1. What is Mileage  Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Mileage of Suzuki Burgman 125 is 50 to 55 kmpl.
Q2. What is the kerb Weight of Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Kerb Weight of Suzuki Burgman 125 is 110 kg. 

Q3. What is the Engine power of Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Suzuki Burgman 125 is a 124 cc Engine, it's Power is 8.6 BHP @ 6750 RPM.

Q4. What is Fuel Tank Capacity Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Suzuki Burgman 125 Fuel Tank Capacity is 5.5 litre.

Q5. What is Wheel size Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Suzuki Burgman 125 wheel size is ;
   Front:- 12 inch 
   Rear:- 10 inch

Q6. What is Tyre Size Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Tyre Size of Suzuki Burgman 125 is ;
   Front:- 90/90  R12
   Rear:- 90/100 R10 

Q7. What is the Seat Height of Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Seat height of Suzuki Burgman 125 is 780 mm. 

Q8. What is the Mileage of Suzuki Burgman 125 in City?
A. The Suzuki Burgman 125 City Mileage is 50 kmpl.

Q9. What is Highway Mileage of Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Highway Mileage of Suzuki Burgman 125 is 55 kmpl. 

Q10. What is Top Speed Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Top Speed Suzuki Burgman 125 is kmph.

Q11. Does the Suzuki Burgman 125 have ABS or Not?
A. No, Suzuki Burgman 125 doesn't have ABS ;  
   Front:- Disc Brake  
   Rear:- Drum Brake

Q12. How many Colors are available in Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. It is available in 5 Colour ;

1. Pearl Suzuki Medium Blue 
2. Pearl Mirage White 
3. Matte Fibrin Grey 
4. Matte Bordeaux Red 
5. Matte Black

Q13. What is the Ex-Showroom Price of Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Suzuki Burgman 125 Ex-Showroom Price is Rs 82,597 to 90,167. 

Q14. What is the On-Road Price of Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Suzuki Burgman 125 On-Road Price is Rs 91,549 to 1.02 Lakh. 
Q15. What is the Torque of Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. The Suzuki Burgman 125 Torque is 10 NM @ 5500 RPM.

Q16. How Many gears are available in Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. No, it doesn't have gear it has an automatic transmission. 
Q17. What is the CC of Suzuki Burgman 125?
A. 124 is CC of Suzuki Burgman 125.   

Q19. Suzuki Burgman 125 is Good For Long Drive?
A. Yes, It is good for a long Drive. Seats are comfortable, many people have satisfied            Suzuki Burgman 125. 

Q20. The Suzuki Burgman 125 have Kick start?
A. Yes, Suzuki Burgman 125 has kick Start.