Honda Dio Price , Colours , Images , Varients Specification and Feature

                           Honda Dio 

Honda Dio Introduction:- 

                                The founder of Honda Company is 'SOICHIRO HONDA' and 'TAKEO FUJISAWA' had founded the Honda Company. The Honda Dio is a Motorcycle developed by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India and Bangladesh Honda Private Limited, First Introduced in India in 2006. 

Honda Dio Price:- 

                           Honda Dio Ex-Showroom price is 61,951 to 65,512 and On-Road price is 81,232 to 83,754.

Honda Dio Variants:- 

Honda Dio is available in 2 variants ;

1. Drum
2. DLX 

Honda Dio Colours:- 

Honda Dio is available in 7 colours ;

1. Sport Red 
2. Candy Jazzy Blue 
3. vibrate Orange
4. Matte Axis Grey Metallic
5. Dazzle Yellow Metallic 
6. Matte Axis Grey Metallic 
7. Matt Sangria Red Metallic 

Honda Dio Engine:- 

                                       Honda Dio Engine is of 109.1 cc Fan Cooled 4 Stroke SI engine which produces Max Power of 8 BHP 8000 RPM and Max Torque of 9 NM 4750 RPM. It has a fuel injection system. Honda Dio mileage is 55 Kmpl and fuel tank capacity is 5 Liter. The transmission type is V - Matic.

Honda Dio Headlight:- 

Honda Dio for handle have DRL light down side have 35/35 volt halogen bulb headlight with bulb indicator.  Honda Dio headlight is a big and beautiful design. It indicator are also big. 

Honda Dio Front & Mirror - 

                                     Honda Dio front design is beautiful. In front mirror twin design we get all the side moto scooter baching is there on handle honda baching we get. 

Honda Dio Tyre:- 

                                    Honda Dio front tyre size is 90/100 - 12 with 130 mm Drum brake and front suspension of Telescopic suspension and Rear tyre size is 90/100 - 10 with 130 mm Drum brake and Rear suspension is of 3 - step adjustable. Both the tyre are tubeless tyre. Honda Dio wheel type is sheet metal. In a rear combi brake system, we get. 

Honda Dio Side:-

                                           Honda Dio both the side have "Dio" baching we get and BS6 baching also from both the side scooter look amazing. It is a beautiful scooter.

Honda Dio Seat & Grab Handle:- 

                                               Honda Dio has a cut grab handle which looks beautiful. Honda Dio seat is smooth and comfortable. 

Honda Dio Foot Rest:- 

                                                Honda Dio has a nice and big footrest which has a nice grip to keep the leg properly near the footrest batter is given because of that one problem we get that is if. In the rainy season if in more water we drive scooty in battery water going changes are there. On that Dio baching we get. footrest front and backside fixed shopping hock are there with pocket. 

Honda Dio Tail Lamp:-

                                             Honda Dio tail lamp is of the bulb and 10-volt bulb indicator which has a beautiful design we didn't get LED headlight or Tail Lamp in this scooter. The downside on chrome plate "Dio" baching is there with Honda baching and reflector.

Honda Dio Boot Space:-

                                               Honda Dio boot space capacity is 18 Liter. In boot space, a helmet holder is there with a tool kit. The boot space is big and nice. 

Honda Dio Handle:-

                                             Honda Dio handle switch are in the left side low beam high beam passing switch, indicator horn and in the right side engine kill switch and self start both are in one only. 

Honda Dio Console:- 

                                         Honda Dio has an analogue console we get in console speedometer, engine mole function indicator, Low beam high beam indicator, fuel gauge. 

Honda Dio Key Slote:-

                                    Honda Dio key slots have On/Off, fuel, seat open button key slot open/close. 

Honda Dio Specification:- 

Engine & Power:- 

  • Displacment :- 109.5 CC
  • Emission Standard:- BS-VI
  • Cylinder:- 1
  • Valves Per Cylinder:- 2
  • Fuel Type:- Petrol 
  • Max Torque :- 9 NM @ 4750 RPM 
  • Max Power :- 7.6 BHP @ 8000 RPM
  • Stroke:- 63 mm
  • Bore:- 47 mm
  • ABS:- 
  • Mileage:- 50 kmpl
  • Clutch:- Automatic 
  • Cooling System:- Fan Cooled 
  • Fuel tank capacity:- 5.4 Liter


  • Front Wheel Size:- 12 inch 
  • Rear Wheel Size:- 10 inch  
  • Front Brake:- Drum 
  • Rear Brake:- Drum 


  • Tyre Type:- Tubeless  
  • Radial Tyre:- NO 
  • Wheel Type:- Spoke


  • Front Suspension:- Telescopic 
  • Rear Suspension:- Spring-loaded Hydraulic

 Honda Dio Dimension:- 

  • Length :- 1808 mm
  • Width :- 723 mm
  • Height:- 1150 mm
  • Seat Height:- 650 mm 
  • Kerb Weight:- 105 kg  
  • Ground Clearance:- 160 mm
  • Wheelbase:- 1260 mm
  • Front Brake Size:- 130 mm
  • Rear Brake Size:- 130 mm
  • Front Wheel Size:- 12 inch
  • Rear Wheel Size:- 10 inch
  • Front Tyre size:- 90/90 - 12 
  • Rear Tyre Size :- 90/100 - 10

 Honda Dio Features:-

  • Speedometer:- Analogue 
  • Trip meter:- Analogue
  • Low Oil Indicator:- Yes 
  • Low Fuel Indicator:- Yes
  • Brake Light:-    
  • Stand Alarm:- Yes
  • Odometer:- Analogue  
  • DRL:- Yes
  • Front Storage Box:- Yes 
  • Fuel Guage:- Yes 
  • Automatic Headlight On:- Yes   
  • Low battery indicator:- No
  • Pass Light:- Yes
  • Turn Signal:- Yes
  • Headlight Bulb Type:-
  • Headlight Type:- Halogen   
  • Electric System :- 12V DC
  • Start Type:- Electric Start & Kick Start 

Honda Dio Images:- 

Honda Dio People Asking question:-


Q1. What is Mileage  Honda Dio?
A. The Mileage of Honda Dio is 55 to 60 kmpl.
Q2. What is the kerb Weight of Honda Dio?
A. The Kerb Weight of Honda Dio is 105 kg. 

Q3. What is the Engine power of Honda Dio?
A. The Honda Dio is a 124 cc Engine, it's Power is 7.6 BHP @ 8000 RPM. 

Q4. What is Fuel Tank Capacity Honda Dio?
A. The Honda Dio Fuel Tank Capacity is 5.4 litre.

Q5. What is Wheel size, Honda Dio?
A. The Honda Dio wheel size is ;
   Front:- 12 inch 
   Rear:- 10 inch

Q6. What is Tyre Size Honda Dio?
A. The Tyre Size of Honda Dio is ;
   Front:- 90/90 R12
   Rear:- 90/100 R10 

Q7. What is the Seat Height of the Honda Dio?
A. The Seat height of the Honda Dio is 650 mm. 

Q8. What is the Mileage of Honda Dio in City?
A. The Honda Dio City Mileage is 55 kmpl.

Q9. What is the HighWay Mileage of Honda Dio?
A. The HighWay Mileage of Honda Dio is 60 kmpl. 

Q10. What is Top Speed Honda Dio?
A. The Top Speed Honda Dio is 85 km.

Q11. Does the Honda Dio have ABS or Not?
A. No, Honda Dio doesn't have ABS ;  
   Front:- Drum Brake  
   Rear:- Drum Brake

Q12. How many Colors are available in Honda Dio?
A. Honda Dio is available in 7Colors ;

1. Sport Red 
2. Candy Jazzy Blue 
3. vibrate Orange
4. Matte Axis Grey Metallic
5. Dazzle Yellow Metallic 
6. Matte Axis Grey Metallic 
7. Matt Sangria Red Metallic 

Q13. What is the Ex-Showroom Price of Honda Dio?
A. The Honda Dio Ex-Showroom Price is Rs 53,665 to 71,721.

Q14. What is the On-Road Price of Honda Dio?
A. The Honda Dio On-Road Price is Rs 77,811 to 81,595. 
Q15. What is the Torque of Honda Dio?
A. The Honda Dio Torque is 9 NM @ 4750 RPM.

Q16. How Many gears are available in Honda Dio?
A. No, it doesn't have gear it has an automatic transmission. 
Q17. What is the CC of Honda Dio?
A. 109.5 is CC of Honda Dio.   

Q19. Honda Dio is Good For Long Drive?
A. Yes, It is good for a long Drive. Seats are comfortable for a long drive.

Q20. The Honda Dio have a Kick start?
A. Yes, Honda Dio has kick Start.